Some things I've learned from my classmates thus far are:
1. I've learned that I can help someone saw a couch in half for the purpose of getting it into the house and then run to the department store to buy the materials to put it back together.

2. I've learned that in some countries it's custom to pay for drinks on your birthday for your friends.

3. I've learned that in other countries stores do not have return policies after you've opened something.

4. I've learned that in Ithaca it will rain for 15 minutes and then be completely sunny.

5. I've learned that I need to get accustomed to bars ceasing to serve alcohol at 12:59am, and then making you finish the liquor by 1:30am, and then close at 2:00.

6. As a result of #5 I've learned that I should always have a refrigerator stocked with alcohol for the afterparty.

7. I've learned that helping people move in to their apartments is a good way to get people to pay for your drinks.

8. I've learned that a great percentage of my classmates and I are Go Getters.

So that was just the first week of being at school. As I thought about what life would be like for the next two years I knew that business school would be an incredible experience. As I was going through the business school application process I didn’t fully understand all of the things that I would experience while being in business school. I also didn’t fully grasp how my classmates would impact my experience in business school. Unfortunately, I cannot go into depth into this whole experience and actually that’s the topic of the next book, but I can highlight the amazing things that I experience in business school.

9. During the 1st year orientation the current President of Student Council spoke to the incoming class. I had med him previously when I visited Johnson for JMB back in October and then again during DJ and again during OP. To this day, I remember one of the things that he mentioned in his speech and it will probably stick with my until the day that I die. He told my class, “...keep your blinders on...” meaning that for the next two years we would be pulled in many different directions. If we tried to go in each direction we would ultimately end up being lost. Every time I felt overwhelmed by everything that was going on in business school I would think back to his statement and it would calm me down. On occasion I remind him of the words that he said.

10. Of course there are classes in business school and in the beginning of the year

every begins to freak out about quizzes & exams as they usually start to happen 3 weeks into the semester. Who knew that studying until 3am in a breakout room with 3 or 4 of your classmates could be so much fun?

11. Another part of business school that I enjoyed was traveling to Conferences and Treks with my classmates. During my first year, I went to Dallas for the Reaching Out Conference (ROMBA), Boston to visit 5 or 6 companies on our High-Tech club trek, and our West Coast trek to San Francisco and Seattle, also to visit companies. Similar to the briefings on campus these trips required us to bring our suits and make sure we were ready to network and ask appropriate questions. I knew that this would be the case going in to business school, but what I didn’t realize is that life back on campus doesn’t stop for anyone.

When we went to ROMBA it thankfully fell on a weekend that was in-between classes. So we had just taken our finals for the 1st half of the semester and the 2nd half of the semester was to start upon our arrival. One would think that it would mean that we had “free” time at the conference. While my workload may have been thinner than MBAs from other schools at that point, there was still prep-work to be done for that class on Monday morning. I remember flying back on the plane trying to read up on Finance.

12. When I got to school I didn’t realize that some people don’t finish business school. There are a couple of reasons for this. One reason is for Academic Probation. I have no problem in saying that as a 1st year, I ended up on Academic Probation and ironically it wasn’t because I failed a class – and no it wasn’t for an honor code violation. I won’t go in to how or why it happened but I can say that I was incredibly nervous when I got that phone call. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience that left me in a position thatIneverwanttobeinagain. IhaveahunchastowhyIwasonitandIhavecometo terms with it. I didn’t even mind telling the Class of 2014s about my situation because I knew that it would ultimately help someone else. If you can’t tell, I’m a very candid person. I can say that this is not a Johnson at Cornell University thing or problem. I know people at other schools who were also on academic probation at their schools. It’s definitely hard to go the next step and actually fail out, but again, I know that at some schools that does happen. I’ve spoken to someone who it happened too.

Sometimes people get to school and simply realize that they don’t want to be in business school. They may not come back the following semester or the following year. Other times people get sick and have to take a leave of absence. So, don’t think that once you get in to business school it’s a cake-walk.

13. I didn’t realize that I would be able to take 23 of my best friends at school to a gay bar an hour away via party bus for my 30th birthday, then to fly out the next day for an interview with Microsoft on Monday, which I had to juggle with a quiz for another class. So my birthday is April 27th and here in the states one’s 30th birthday is a milestone. I’ve been known to “go all out” for my birthday’s and this time was to be no exception. So I invited 23 of my closest friends at the time to go to Rochester, NY with me. At first I had reservations about who to invite because I wasn’t sure if people would be uncomfortable about going to a gay bar. Nevertheless, when I sent out the invites there were no problems. I had 2 of my best friends from back home come up and it ended up being 6 gay men, 4 women, and 13 straight men on a party bus headed up to the gay bar. The straight men were more excited to go to a gay bar than the rest of us were! It was an epic birthday that I’ll never forget! We got back pretty late around 4:30am on a Sunday and I had to make sure that I was up and ready to go to the airport for a 10am flight to Seattle.


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Why do I tell you about my experiences? Well it’s definitely important to keep these types of experiences in mind when you’re applying to business school. THIS is why business school is such an amazing experience for most people. These are just SOME of the experiences that I had. Now, each person has had his/her own experience so multiple my experiences by 274 other people (899 people at some schools) and sew those experiences together. THAT’S what business school offers people outside of the curriculum and clubs. This is what you, as the applicant, are signing up for. Now, in order to experience that, there’s a very intricate way that I found to be successful that one should apply.